Video marketing has swept through with an impact that is only building. As people consume more of their internet usage on smartphones and mobile devices, we need to convey a strong and memorable message as quickly as possible. Video is one very effective way for real estate professionals to give their listing a step above the crowd.

The native power of video to connect with the viewer is a powerful motivation, but there are additional reasons that video deserves a place in your listing marketing strategy. As you build your Facebook network, it is vital to share interesting, engaging content for your community to interact with. Facebook prioritizes video over other forms of content (like a link to your listing) and shows video to more of your network using its algorithm. Harnessing Facebook’s own strategy makes your marketing work smarter instead of harder.

Types of Video Content

When the National Association of Realtors and Google jointly studied video trends in 2013, the numbers were striking.

  • 86% want to view community videos to educate
  • 70% want to view listing videos/tours
  • 54% want to view “How To” videos on the buying and selling process
  • 30% want to view “Testimonial” videos to help establish trust
  • 25% want to view videos about you and your company

The intervening time has only seen an increase in the popularity of video marketing.

Community videos – highlight popular features of the surrounding community that people considering moving to an area would search online for. This is a great way to establish yourself as an expert on your local area.

Listing Tours – Photos are powerful, but video lets a potential buyer see the flow of a home in real time. Give them the feeling of walking through their beautiful new home. With so many more people starting their home search online, video tours help to give potential  buyers enough information to contact your immediately.

How To videos – Videos are an incredibly popular way for people to learn more about a specific topic – and buying or selling a home is no exception. Use video to walk potential clients through the process of working with you. You can keep the tone approachable and conversational, reducing a stressful and intimidating situation.

Testimonial – There is nothing like word of mouth when it comes to marketing, especially when we can use the videos on Facebook and show them to friends and family of your satisfied clients.

About Your – Selling or buying a home means spending a good of time and placing a lot of trust in your real estate professional. Help people feel comfortable with you by presenting a video online. They are better able to evaluate whether you are a good match for their needs meaning more of your ideal client making their way to your office!

Making The Most Of Your Video Investment

Adding video marketing to your promotion strategy is an added investment of time and money. With that mind, focusing on the most relevant and effective videos is a good place to start. According to the 2013 Google/NAR study, 86 percent of home buyers use video to research a potential  community, and 70 percent use it to tour the inside of homes. Community and listing tour videos offer the most significant, and immediate, impact.

An interesting note, community videos are “evergreen” – you’ll use them over and over to bring traffic to your listings, building your reputation as a local expert, and engage with new home searchers on social media. Building the time/budget into your annual plan to create an updated community feature video each year would be a wonderful way to keep your marketing fresh and relevant.

You could also combine these two types of very popular videos. By creating a 1-2 minute summery community video, you could add that to each listing video for the area so that home searchers get a good look at what their life in general would look like living in that perfect home.

Using Your Videos

A Facebook business page is the perfect vehicle for sharing your videos with current and potential clients! Videos make excellent Facebook ads – encouraging engagement and sharing. A video description can include a call to contact you, a link to join your email list or simply an invitation to like your Facebook page!