8 Key Steps to Grow Your Real Estate Business

As a real estate professional, you play many roles – business owner, employer, sales person, transaction specialist, accountant, counselor and often, internal marketing department. Real estate marketing needs to do more than attract new leads.

It also needs to nurture prospects, follow up with those leads and maximize every contact in order to grow your business. You hire an accountant, assistants, other agents to help but when it comes to real estate marketing, it’s a bit more difficult to find the right team member or resources. Perhaps you’ve tried implementing marketing strategies here and there without either being able to finish or get any real traction. If you’re like MOST real estate agents and brokers, you want a blueprint for success. You want the proven steps of what successful agents and brokers are doing that yields the maximum results with the minimum time and effort spent.

We are the experts in modern digital real estate marketing and conversion. As such, we have developed a proven, tried and tested blueprint for your real estate success in our newest 8 Key Steps to Grow Your Real Estate Business Checklist. In this free checklist, we outline step-by-step what marketing tactics you need in order to build a successful real estate business.

Ask yourself these 5 real estate marketing questions:

1. Does your website bring you leads?
2. Do you have a lead follow up process in place?
3. Do you have a multitude of emails, contacts and feel overwhelmed by managing your data and have a hard time sleeping because you *know* things are falling through the cracks, but you’re trying to keep your deals alive.
4. Do you know where and how your best leads are reaching you?
5. Do you know where your next deal is coming from?

If you’ve answered no to 1,2,4, and 5 and yes to 3, our free 8 Key Steps to Grow Your Real Estate Business Checklist is going to help you build a solid marketing plan for serious growth!

Below is a sneak peek of some of the content in the real estate marketing checklist and guide.

It’s All In The Follow Up

Each lead that comes in is the result of an investment. Your time, your marketing and the work that has produced referrals are all part of the equation. Increase the return on your investment by making the most of every single lead with a consistent follow up process.

Automating The Outreach

You already know that the follow up I mentioned is important. But it’s so time-consuming, you say! When am I supposed to get this done? Extend yourself with automating some of your nurturing.

Does Your Website Convert?

Driving traffic to your website through marketing is only beneficial if your site is doing it’s job – converting the casual viewer into someone ready for more information! Do you know your website’s conversion rate? This is the percentage of unique visitors who land on a page of your website and take the necessary steps to contact you – by opting in to your email list, putting in contact information, etc. If you aren’t generating at least 30 leads each month, your website could be working harder for you.

Facebook – More Than A Business Card

The social media channel used by 1 billion+ users is an incredible opportunity for real estate professionals to connect with individuals exactly when they need your services. Are you leveraging the full power of Facebook to grow your business and reach the right leads?

Search Results Matter

How do your clients find you? At some point, they might have hopped on Google and searched for their local area + homes for sale or realtors or some related search term. Do you show up in those searches and reach these leads/prospects?