How to Share Content That's Not Yours But Add Call to Action to Convert

One of the things we do the most on social media is share great content. As a business, it's a strategic way to build authority, trust and rapport with your online community. Traditionally, one of the biggest challenges is that when you share someone else's content, you're "giving away" traffic by sending your carefully cultivated tribe off to another site to view great content.

And, creating all your own content to ensure you ONLY send people to YOUR site is a full time job. You don't have that kind of time and you're a REAL ESTATE PROFESSIONAL not a marketer, right?

So, what if I told you that there was a way to share great content, keep tethered to the contact and possibly convert that online member of your community to a client?

Let's say you want to share this article on your social media regarding Renting vs. Buying being cheaper but you also want to ensure that you are right there when that article makes them consider their buying options. This new social sharing tool we just found allows you to easily share content and have your brand embedded at the bottom with a call to action! Check out the preview of this article with my brand and call to action at the bottom. Yours would obviously say something like, "Ready to discuss your buying options? Click here."

To share and create your call to action is easy
  1. Visit and join
  2. Create your first Snip. They will walk you through the quick 4 step process
  3. Brand with your business head shot photo, add your name and your company
  4. Add the link where you want to send people. Link to your buying page, about you, selling page, home valuation / CMA, etc. (Make sure you have your Facebook pixel tracking on your page so you can re-target the people that visit your site!)
  5. Add your strong call to action headline and button text
  6. Get your short link code and share!

Check out how mine looks:

Ideas for sharing
  • Your IDX / MLS listings where you can have a strong call to action.
  • Articles about your area (Top 10 Smartest Cities, etc.)
  • Stats about housing in your area from newspapers
  • Walkability scores

Make sure you do this with all the content you share that's not yours so you don't lose out on a single opportunity to convert and grow your real estate business!