Facebook has become an integral part of life – business, shopping and personal relationships. So it’s no surprise that we recommend it occupy a consistent place in your marketing strategy. But how do you start? Here’s the basic rundown of what (and when) you should be posting on Facebook.

A few years ago, as social media began to emerge as a major marketing channel, gurus shouted from the rooftops that this “free” marketing was changing business. It did indeed change things – but it wasn’t the creation of a “free” machine. Creating an engaged, lead generating presence on Facebook takes time, content, relationship management and strategy.

The What

The foundation of that Facebook strategy is the content, the messages you share on your Facebook page. What do you currently post – your listings? Promotions?  What does that do for your audience?

Your Facebook page is a community. Your role in that community is to be a trusted advisor, a resource on real estate and your local area. This means that your audience expects more from you than just promotional posts.

Types of Posts

  • Resources – home buying, home renovation, loan management or refinancing information
  • Local information – community festivals, current events (like school levies or anything that might impact home values
  • Success stories – images of happy clients with their new (or sold) home, testimonials from happy clients
  • Ask Questions – Your audience wants to tell you what they like and need, so ask them!

The When

Facebook has the power to be an incredibly efficient marketing channel or an almost black hole for your time, depending on how you use it. Did you know that you can schedule your Facebook content? Instead of taking the time out of your day to share content on your page, you can take a few hours once a week and schedule it instead! This strategy lets you provide a consistent stream of information to your audience without interrupting your daily workflow.

Consider this – when is your audience most likely to be checking Facebook? If they are professionals, it might be when they first get to work, on their lunch break and in the evening while watching TV before bed. You’ll want to schedule your posts during those times when they are most likely to have a moment to engage with you.

A sample posting schedule might look like this:

  • 7 am Local event/news
  • 11:30 am Success story/recent listing
  • 3 pm Ask A Question or offer insight into local housing market
  • 7 pm Share a resource: home buying, home renovation, loan management or refinancing information

After 2 or 3 weeks, it will be easy to see which times and types of content your audience likes best (the ones with the most interaction!). You can adjust based on that feedback. Along the way, sharing information about what is happening real time can be wonderful way to supplement your scheduled posts and inject a little of the personality that is attracting your clients in the first place. Congratulate successful sales, welcome new clients, highlight great local partners and use Facebook to show how what you do every day makes your clients’ home buying and selling experience a better one!