In years past, making a tough decision meant meeting up with a trusted friend or two to talk through the options and get feedback. In today’s more connected world, we can poll our entire social circle with one click of a Facebook share or post button. If you want your listings and services to be part of that conversation it’s time to look at the best ways to market your real estate offerings in local Facebook groups.


Facebook Groups are an often underutilized offering from the social media giant with high visibility for active users and significantly less interference from the algorithm. Group members who regularly interact with the group posts will see a much higher percentage of the content shared in the group than they would from a similarly engaged Facebook business page. The key is to drill down on which groups to focus your marketing and a plan for each one.

General Area Groups

Full of local event information and general conversation, general area groups might feel too disorganized to be beneficial to your marketing plan. But, consider this, when someone from out of town is moving to the area and making their initial online connections – where are they likely to land first?

Look for area groups with active moderators, guidelines that keep the conversation generally productive and an established way of promoting your business. Once a week, search the group for “homes for sale” or key neighborhoods that you work with. Then, respond to any questions that have been asked. Your goal is not to spam group members with your currently available listings. Instead, develop a reputation as a valuable resource on questions related to real estate. If you have developed an area guide (or we’ve created one for you as part of the 5 Facebook Ads that drive 6 Figure Sales), sharing it in the group per the guidelines for appropriate business promotion is a trust-building alternative to simply advertising your services.

Homes For Sale/Real Estate specific groups

More urban areas are likely to have a number of specifically home for sale/rent Facebook groups. Increasingly, consumers are preferring to keep much of their shopping and research within a social media platform they already trust. Again, here you want to look for groups that are active (at least 1 new post a day with most receiving comments) with involved moderators and guidelines for posting. Successfully connecting with people in these groups takes more than simply throwing up a link to your latest open house. Schedule 30 minutes a couple times a week for you or someone in your office to look through local home for sales groups and add value. Answer questions, respond to “in search of” posts with appropriate properties and share resources about the area. This is one more vehicle for connecting with potential clients – not a billboard to slap an ad on.

What Do I Post?

If you haven’t yet considered ways to incorporate content marketing into your strategy, now is the time. Today’s consumer is looking to work with businesses and professionals who cultivate a relationship by providing value (generally in the form of information or entertainment) to prospective clients. Gone are the days where you can tease and promise all the wonderful things you have to offer – now, consumers want proof. Just like sample size perfumes, they want a clear demonstration of how you interact and advocate for your clients before they commit to working with you. Delivering that value through digital information products (like a local home buying or area guide) shared in appropriate Facebook groups is a wonderful way to start!