How do you choose the right real estate management software for you? With all of the available choices, it comes down to knowing your needs and understanding how each option fills them!

If you’ve never purchased software before, you may not know exactly how to go about creating your list of must haves. You learn so much by going through the process that you only know what you are missing when you find it somewhere else! Then you’re wishing that you had somehow known more before you started the process of real estate software search.

That’s why we recommend looking at least 5 pieces of software to have a solid idea of what you must have and what is nice to have.

What do you need to know?

As you begin researching management software options, there are some basic functions to look for. You’ll need to determine where each software falls on:

  • number of users
  • contact management
  • email automation
  • transaction management
  • IMAP functionality
  • mobile use
  • integrations
  • commissions
  • lead behavior tracking
  • sales reporting
  • onboarding, interface & customer support


When you run a business, cost is a vital feature to consider. But, there is more to look than simply the number. The ease of set up and daily use impacts how much time it takes for you to get going and utilize the features of your software. If the interface is difficult to understand so you avoid using it, then even a reasonable price is too much. A seemingly more expensive option might work out to be the better deal if it is easy to understand, simple to get going and frees you up to spend your time on other, income generating activities.


Unless you are a technology whiz, there will likely be a time when you have questions about your software. The range of software available also includes a range of support options. From live chat to phone support to email to knowledge banks that you search through, many companies offer some combination. Keep in mind what kind of support you need to work through tech challenges and ensure the software you choose offer support through that channel.

Mobile Use

This might feel like a small detail, but it has a huge impact on how you use your software. If you frequently spend a large part of your day on the move, ensure that your software offers a mobile version either through an app or a well optimized website. Some software will have reduced functionality when used from a mobile device.

Contact & Email Management

Staying touch with leads and former clients is a key part of marketing in today’s world. Maintaining those relationships and continually demonstrating the value you have to offer keeps your services top of mind amid all the noise. But that level of communication can quickly become time consuming. Effective real estate management software will offer some form of contact management and automation to make it easier to track and develop those relationships.


From leads to site behavior to sales, your software should track the performance metrics that you need to keep your business nimble and adjusting to the current market. What kind of tracking you need will vary depending on your business.

Making A Decision

Not sure how to gather all of the relevant information? We’ve made it easier! Grab our Real Estate Management Software Checklist for an easier to way to compare, contrast and keep notes on which software offers the best benefit to your business.