Every new year offers opportunities to start new real estate marketing campaigns, so take this time freshen up your brand and build new business (even if it’s not the new year!).

Top 4 Reasons to Have a Great Looking Facebook Cover Image

  1. It immediately tells people who you are and what services you offer in what area.
  2. It helps make the potential fan / client connect with YOU.
  3. The image you have says a lot about your brand (luxury, etc.). People make immediate impressions about your business and you – make sure they are good ones.
  4. You can place calls to action within your image and use the image description to drive calls, emails and leads!

We’ve done all the hard work to jump start your Facebook marketing! Just download our templates with instructions to customize and get started today!

Don’t have a Facebook Business Page yet?

Click here for video and printed instructions on how to Launch Your Real Estate Facebook Business Page in 7 Minutes.