If you are you a Managing Real Estate Broker and the following comments regarding real estate marketing resonate with you, you’re in the right place!

“When I was at my last brokerage, my managing broker marketed him / herself constantly and everyone in the office was dissatisfied. I don’t want my team to be dissatisfied / disgruntled like we were.”

“I want the ‘brand’ to stand on its own vs. me being the brand.”

When it comes to your marketing campaigns, you might feel like you’re often walking a tight rope…

The two statements above in quotes came from one of my clients recently while she was doing an email campaign blast. She wanted to remove her name as the person who was sending the email blast because she felt it was too self-promoting and she didn’t want to rock the boat with her team. If you’re vacillating between highlighting the team vs. your own personal marketing and don’t know which way to proceed, first answer these questions, then keep reading:

  • Do you market the company / team as well as yourself?
  • Do you offer a company website that promotes your agents?
  • Do you provide leads to your team?

Assuming that you answered yes to all these questions, you likely already know all of this but let me remind you of 4 very good reasons it’s okay to market yourself as the managing broker:

  1. You’ve worked your tail off for __  years to build YOUR real estate business, why should it be equal? I know you want to be fair, but your agents / team need to earn their way and pay their dues. That’s a problem with the newer generation, it’s been labeled the “entitlement generation.” You likely told them you would help them with leads, and you’re doing just that!

  3. You’re paying for the marketing. Your team knows that as a part of being a real estate agent, they own their business and need to pay for their own marketing expenses. They are very fortunate that you are giving them leads and yet they also need to get out there and do their own marketing to build their personal brand as a real estate agent.

  5. You’ve worked hard to own your own business and when all is said and done and if everyone left, you are it. You are the anchor and it’s your business, don’t be afraid to shine. Using the name of your company as FROM in email marketing campaigns dilutes the efficacy of the communication. Use YOUR name as people want accountability, authority and connection. The buck stops with you and you’re leading the team.

  7. I’ve heard people say “I don’t want the brand to be about me. I want the brand to stand on its own.” Fooey, you are the brand. As you know, agents come and go more often than we like (and sometimes not often enough!). But when people think of your company, they likely think of you, the service you’ve so painstakingly cultivated and the relationships you’ve developed. Your company wouldn’t likely be as successful as it is today if YOU didn’t do all that was required. Through blood, sweat and tears, you earned that. Maximize it and be proud of what you’ve accomplished.

Now, how do you manage this messaging internally?

Very carefully. Balance transparency and communication with confidence and strong leadership. You could start by saying “you know, one of the things that really bothered me at my other brokerage firms was that they used to market themselves primarily and I felt it was unfair. Here’s what I’ve learned and what I would like to share with about being an agent and growing your own brand.” Then you can tell them that you will continue to share leads with them, but you are going to go about the marketing in a way that may “feel” unfair.

It’s important in team building that you are sensitive to their feelings, but you also need them to be motivated to be hungry vs. just being fed from what leads you’re offering. You WANT to give them leads, but you are leveraging your brand, experience and relationships to bring THEM more leads / revenue and to bring the company more business.

Trying to build a team in a real estate agency is hard because everyone is competing, you want to be inclusive, community-oriented and build comradery but you also don’t want to foster complacency and entitlement either. It’s a fine balance.

Lastly, offer your marketing tactics as training for them. You’ve paid for the marketing but show them what you’re doing so they can do the same thing for their personal brand. Just another benefit!

Do you agree or disagree with the statements in this article? I would love to hear your thoughts!


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