The landscape of digital marketing evolves at a dizzying speed in today’s technology driven economy. It can make staying up with trends feel impossible. But in the last few years, one particular technology has emerged as a basic and essential component of effective content marketing: Facebook Pixels. How and why should you be utilizing this tool in your real estate marketing strategy?

What is it?

A pixel is small piece of code that is placed on website that allows you to track your visitors behavior. There are two primary types of Facebook pixels:

  • Conversion pixels – track how many times an action occurs, like how many people signed up for your newsletter after clicking on your Facebook ad.
  • Website Custom Audience pixel – create custom audiences of people who visited your website for ad re-targeting.

What do I use it for?

We’ve talked (and written and blogged and Facebooked) about how incredibly powerful Facebook marketing can be for real estate professionals to find your ideal clients where they’re at. Pixels are a way to identify your ideal clients and evaluate how effectively your website, ads and offers are attracting and retaining them. By tracking the performance of your marketing campaigns with conversion pixels, you can scale up the campaigns that are working and drop the ones that aren’t resonating – making your marketing dollars stretch further and work harder.

How do I start using Conversion Pixels?

The most intimidating part of including Pixels in your marketing strategy is just getting started! Let’s say that you want to track how many people have looked at your website and been motivated to contact you about a listing or your services. You could track this by placing a Pixel on your Thank you page (the page they are directed to after hitting “submit” on your contact form. Since the only way they could land on this page is if they’ve used your contact form, keeping a count of every who lands there is a great measurement to have and compare with your website stats like how many unique visitors you have had.

To get your Conversion Pixel:

  1. Open your Facebook ad manager.
  2. On the left hand side, click on Conversion Tracking.
  3. Click Create Pixel in the upper right hand corner and choose a category for how this pixel will show up in your reports.
  4. Install the generated code on your Thank You page.

Custom Audience Pixels

Here at Real Estate Marketing Machine, we love Custom Audiences – the tool that allows us to leverage the popularity of Facebook to create incredibly specific and effective digital marketing campaigns to match home buyers and sellers with the perfect real estate professional for them!

When you use pixels to create custom audiences for your Facebook ads, you can:

  • Exclude current clients (why pay to show them your ad when they are already working with you?)
  • Identify potential new clients by targeting people who match the profile of your custom audience
  • Remarket to interested, but uncommitted potential clients with ads that appeal to what you know about their needs from their behavior on your website.

Get started with your custom audience pixel by placing the pixel directly into the HTML of your website, immediately before the </head> tag. Placing the code within the <head> section of HTML allows the code to execute sooner, and increases the chances of even the most casual browser navigating the page to be captured in an audience quickly

More effective marketing

By creating and implementing Facebook pixels, you are able to improve the effectiveness and specificity of your digital marketing campaigns to a degree that is practically impossible with more traditional marketing systems. Your potential clients self-identify through their own behavior with the pixels making it possible to remind them of the services or products they have already expressed interest in through their browsing behavior! If your goals include a more streamlined marketing funnel as part of increasing your sales in 2016, this is one strategy that deserves a place in your marketing plan!