Email marketing is a powerful way to forge productive, positive working relationships with clients with less one on one, time consuming interaction. Not sure where to start? Here are four ways to launch your email marketing strategy!

Remind Them Of The Value

Each person on your email list thought you offered enough value that they provided you with their email address – remind them why they did that with an information packed email newsletter.

Your views on the latest housing data, thoughts on the local market, economic changes impacting future home buying and selling – all topics that your audience wants you, as the expert, to help them interpret. By providing tremendous value directly to their inbox, you stay top of mind as a go-to resource.

What goes in a newsletter?

Newsletter emails can be made up of the latest posts from your blog plus other resources you’ve developed like ebooks. Remind your audience of new or ongoing offers like referral programs and feature a recent success (sold or purchased home).

For Your Busiest Clients

A digest email is a way to convey a lot of information in short, quick snippets that are easy for someone to scan. Perfect for your busiest clients, a digest is one way to let them know that you have a lot of potentially helpful information for them and assist in narrowing down what they want to check out.

A digest email might be sent every few weeks to your home searching clients offering a wrap up of newly listed homes, a handful of carefully chosen resources for home buyers and links to any content or resources that you may have created. They key is to display the information in a way that they can quickly determine what information is the best fit for their needs.

Promo opportunities

When you are launching a new product, adding a complementary service or offering a special to attract new clients, send an email highlighting the offer to warm leads with email marketing. Today’s email management software offers an incredible array of tools to segment and identify the right campaign for each of your promotions.

Strengthen The Connection

You are the local authority on your community – utilize this to strengthen the trust between you and your current and potential clients. Send emails that tie to seasonal events, reference local community happenings and share local resources that would be helpful to your clients.

Jump start your connection with these five key emails to master to develop an active and productive list from

Transactional Emails

Each time someone interacts with one of the above emails, it presents another opportunity to touch back. When someone downloads a resource you have offered, sending a follow up thank you email reminds them of the value you provided. If you send an email highlighting a local event, you can follow up asking if they attended and what they thought. By opening the line of communication, you make it easier and simpler for that client to come to you for their real estate needs.

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