A Personal Message from Lisa Klinkhammer, Founder of Real Estate Marketing Machine:

You're here because you're looking for answers to how to most effectively and efficiently grow your business without overspending or killing yourself!

Since 1999, I have been assisting realtors and property managers to stand out in a very crowded market. I’ve watched the industry become forever altered by two economic upheavals and witnessed firsthand what provides an agent the power to survive such market conditions. Each year, it continues to evolve.

I’ve had a pretty wild ride to get where I am today. My journey really began when I was involved with the creation of the Automated Housing Referral Network, a tool that connected realtors and property managers with members of our Military who were performing a permanent change of station (PCS). I can’t believe I’ve had 16 years of assisting our military and their families relocate!

As home owner’s and future buyers move more and more of their home shopping focus starts online, the demand for clear real estate marketing guidance in the digital world is becoming stronger every day.

Me and my stellar military spouse Real Estate Marketing Machine Team have distilled the best of marketing strategies and tactics into a step-by-step instruction guide, perfect for smart, aggressive realtors who are seeking dramatic growth, independence and security in their businesses.

I personally invite you to spend time reading, learning and implementing the strategies that you will find here at the Real Estate Marketing Machine. You’ll be able to make immediate improvements to your business and your bottom line!

Wishing you prosperity and joy in the process,


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Our Team

Seventy five percent (75%) of team is comprised of the heart and soul of America... military spouses. Here at Real Estate Marketing Machine, we believe it is important to support those who support our front line defenders of our freedom. Because Uncle Sam requires they move often, military spouses frequently find it difficult to secure rewarding jobs that can fully utilize their skills and allow them to contribute to their household income. With this community sadly boasting a 25%+ unemployment rate, we strongly encourage you to seek out military spouse partners when you are building your team. All our team members work remotely around the U.S.!