As a real estate professional, you might have several agency homes in your career. Every time you change your agency, you also have to sift through the mazes of digital breadcrumbs to update every mention of your previous agency, email, website address and phone number that are part of your personal brand.

You are a real estate agent AND a small business owner. It’s time that you took control over your own personal brand and marketing efforts. Here are 3 tips to control your own brand and data:

1.Buy your own domain and email address!

Example: or

  • When you get your cards made, develop them with your website and email address — like This doesn’t mean that you HAVE to have your own website. You can actually just POINT your website to your agent page on the company website but that is not recommended. When you use a company email address, leaving that agency means all of your old emails are on the company server. You have no access to them after you leave.
  • When you and all the other agents are sending people to the same site, the lead comes in through the company’s Contact Us form. Depending on your agency’s policies, that lead could be distributed round robin style. Not the best use of your wasting YOUR marketing dollars and time spent face to face with people. I recommend you having your own website, EVEN IF it’s just a one page version. You can link off to your company IDX for search as long as you use www.SNIP.LY to link to the URL. 
  • adds a layer at the bottom of the page where your user sees your picture and call to action. 
  • This also allows you to put a Facebook pixel on your page and re-market to those people who have specifically visited YOUR page. There are so many reasons to do just this. If you control your own website, whenever you change agencies you just change out the logo. YOU do that. You control the user experience. You get the leads and ROI for your marketing.

2. Use only your mobile phone when posting your phone number out on the web.

That way, when you leave, your number goes with you and it’s one last thing you have to worry about — someone finding your OLD work number and calling that number trying to find you and they take your lead / deal. 

  • I know that feels risky and does provide vendors with your information to inundate you with phone calls, but you get to pick up when you want and you can block numbers of vendors that don’t respect the response no. 

3. Keep costs down on your business cards, be more generic vs. agency specific. 

  •  There are some very cool card designs these days that are very sophisticated. You can create a brand of your own with your name and your website. Do you need to use the name of the agency or not? That’s something you would need to talk to your managing broker about! Check out these cool personal real estate agent luxury business cards by Moo Printing. I have their double stacked card with embossing and everyone comments on how nice the cards are. Stand out with your personal brand!

Buying and selling a home is a personal experience. Clients needs a real estate professional they connect with on an individual basis. By leveraging your strengths into a personal brand, you make it easier for your ideal client to find and recognize you. That individual branding also offers a layer of professional protection, even when career choices mean an agency change!

Real Estate Marketing Grader