Do you know how your clients are finding you? It’s likely that some part of the process involves going online and checking out your website and social media – your online brand. But have you taken the time to ensure that your online branding is attracting and delivering the clients you want? Here are 10 easy to establish tips for establishing the right online brand.



Anywhere online that mentions your profession is part of your online brand – even personal accounts.Consistency is a vital component of conveying confident, competent professionalism. Is your name written the same way? Are the images consistent (head shots, etc)? Is your address written the same way? The sum total of all of these moving pieces is improved brand recognition and the perception of reliability and stability.


The dominant social media channel has become an integral part of daily life. Your clients use it daily to share properties they are interested in, ask friends for information about neighborhoods and interact with businesses and professionals. You need to be on Facebook as a professional entity, which means more than adding your job to your personal profile.  A Facebook business Page, with branded images and links to your website, is a baseline part of your brand identity. Consumers use it to get to know you and gauge if you are a good match for their needs.

Your Website

Even with social media’s rising importance, your website is an integral part of building confidence in potential clients. A well optimized website improves your search engine rank (how close to the top your link appears when consumers Google (or other search engine) search for real estate agents in your area. When home buyers or sellers are researching their options they expect to be able to browse a website to get more information about you and your business as part of their decision making process. Failing to have a website means that they have more opportunities to connect with a real estate professional who does.


More than ever, we depend on visual imagery to learn and understand. Drowning in a world of online text, clear and effective imagery is a must to help your message stand out and get noticed. How does this apply to branding? The visual aspect of your social media, website and emails are a key component of how potential clients perceive you. Are your listing photos consistent in quality and feel? Are your marketing images congruent with your brand messaging? A professional photographer is the perfect ally in this aspect of your branding. On message personal images and consistent, high quality listing photos make it easier for home searchers/buyers to identify and recognize the value you offer!


More and more, video is emerging as a key way that online shoppers consume information. Video walk thrus of new listings, interviews with local business owners and how tos answering some common client questions are a great way to incorporate video into your online branding and improve your visibility.

Establish A Blog

Blogging has become a powerful way to build professional reputations by self-publishing resources that highlight your expertise. A blog is usually a component of your website and content can be created by you or outsourced to a virtual assistant or agency. When created with keywords in mind, your blog content is a great way to improve your search engine ranking and develop content to share on your social media channels.

Quality Content

Both on your blog and social media channels, connecting with the right clients depends on your ability to produce and share relevant high quality content. Not sure where to start? Think of the questions you are most frequently asked? What do your clients need to know? If you answer their questions and offer solutions to their problems, your content will build a positive online brand.


Social media is powerful, but it has its limits. You might have already experienced the limited reach that can result from algorithms. Even though people follow you, they might not be seeing the content you are sharing. Email marketing is the perfect counter to this limitation. Building a healthy email list enables you to reach out directly to potential clients where they are – their inbox! Here, just like social media channels and your website, it is vital to have consistent branding (logo, message, tone, colors, images) and be offering tremendous value for their time.


Online networking is more than simply liking Facebook pages. Your online audience paired with your knowledge of area resources can be an incredible opportunity to bring value to both populations. Save your clients time and money by connecting them with local businesses that they need (without the trial and error of finding them on their own. At the same time you are bringing warm leads to businesses that share a demographic with you, making it more likely they’ll do the same!

You Have To Use It

Static marketing is dead. Your website and social media do not function like a billboard – set up and left there to wait for passers by. Online marketing needs to be a conversation or your brand will say non-responsive – something that is not likely to attract the clients you want and need.Every bit of your online brand, from social message to your website about page, should provide value and information to your potential client that helps them to decide if you are the right real estate professional for their home buying/selling needs.