Whether you’re new to the world of social media marketing to support your business, or you’ve been at it for a while, most real estate professionals we talk to have a few BIG mistakes in common. And they’re missing out on great success because of it.

I already know what you’re thinking: “I’ve tried Facebook! It doesn’t work!” Or maybe, “I have thousands of friends on my personal page, but no one wants to follow my business page.”

I’ve heard it all before.

First things first: if you use Facebook properly, it WILL be your business’ best friend. But you have to clear a few hurdles first.

And, you’ll need to unlearn a few of the things you think you know about using Facebook for business.

#1 Break the rules, and Facebook just might break up with you

People in all types of business often find they can easily follow and engage with hundreds, if not thousands, of friends on their personal Facebook pages. However, gaining fans and followers on their business page is a different story.

Some people try to get around this by attempting to designate their business page as a personal page, but resist the temptation! It’s against the rules, and if you break those rules, you could be permanently banned from using Facebook.

There’s good news here: there’s a way to convert your personal pages into business pages and your friends from your personal page into business fans. Watch this video on how to launch your real estate Facebook Business page in 7 minutes!

Credibility counts

No matter how you used to feel about social media marketing and Facebook, your current and potential clients are looking for you there. Putting a professional, approachable face to your name and contact information is paramount in this industry. The public persona you put forward, combined with other Facebook features like business ratings, maps and other tools may mean the difference between you and your competitor getting the business you’ve worked so hard for.

Plus, it’s very easy to tire friends out with business posts.

It’s worth the effort to build a fan base and learn how to effectively engage with them. You have nothing to lose, and only business to gain. Don’t worry – we have some tips for how to help you do this too.

Keep in touch – it’s not what you think

Now this one probably seems a little obvious on the surface level, but let’s take a step back since you my be working with outdated knowledge. Changes within Facebook’s advertising options now make it possible for you to ensure you never lose contact with a single person who visits your website ever again. And that’s without asking them to use a lead capture form.

Are you looking Business’ Facebook page a little differently now?

I bet you’re wondering how to take the next step into using Facebook for advertising. If you do it right, you’ll be making one of the best business decisions of your career.

Facebook is the most powerful tool realtors and brokers can use for reaching existing contacts and converting cold prospects into new relationships

Facebook is one of the fastest evolving advertising platforms around. That’s right, I said advertising. After tasting the sweet fruit of organic and free traffic / visibility / connectivity Facebook has flipped the script and are making businesses pay for reach.

It’s worth it. Facebook is simply the single most powerful tool in advertising right now.

You can find exactly who you want to target, based on details like age, income, homeowner, renter, and more. You can decide where you want to target them by location.

The ability to target and reach your intended audience is beyond amazing and the implications this has for your business are endless.

As a marketing professional who specializes in real estate, I see many business owners try to use Facebook use as a blow horn to say “HEY, COME BUY FROM ME!”

But, you have to understand the nature of today’s performing marketing practices is all about creating compelling value and authentic relationships. Then, you have to understand the Facebook platform and why people are there. They are on Facebook to connect and engage.

If you are hitting COLD traffic with COME BUY FROM ME type of messaging, then don’t be surprised when you aren’t getting any clicks and no leads. Advertising has evolved and you have to evolve with it or you’ll be left behind.